Working with the Poor

Paul and Stephanie Whitney work in Tisinye, Kenya with many illiterate people. “With” is an important word. The Whitneys don’t do things for the poor—they work with them in community.
Recently other Kenya Navigator staff, mostly university graduates, came to the Whitneys’ village for a conference. The conferees began each morning using their auditory senses, practicing skills that help oral learners remember stories in detail. The men from Tisinye led the more educated group through passages in Genesis. After speaking aloud the Bible stories, the Tisinye men asked a set of thought-provoking questions to dig deeper into the passage. One conferee, engaged in a similar oral Bible study with women, said, “Watching the women interact and engage with the Scriptures, it came to life for me!”
Navigator conferees also joined the Tisinye community in harvesting corn, building an improved cook stove and digging contours to prevent soil erosion. The Tisinye disciples said of their visitors, “We’re so glad they came to encourage us!”

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