Whole-life Development of People

Discipling for Development doesn’t concentrate on developing projects. In all phases of our work we develop people. Everyday people like Robert Netuwa find God mending broken relationships and transforming them as they experience empowerment through community-based training.
Robert, who is now passing on what he learned through Discipling for Development, says that before his training “life was not good.” Robert’s community had worked through the preparation, exploration and mobilization phases of Discipling for Development. Then the empowering that Robert experienced transformed him.
As Robert learned to relate wisely to the environment in which he lived, he saw God bless. Robert’s attention to modern agricultural methods included rainfall conservation and feeding his cattle nutrient-rich plant fodder. He’s raised income-producing crops such as tomatoes, peas and eggplant. Taking a long-term view, Robert planted fruit trees—oranges, mangoes and avocados—to provide shade, windbreak and food for his household as well as produce for sale.
Robert’s wife is thankful that he’s grown in his relationship with others and in seeing himself as God sees him. He now respects his spouse as a person and their public quarrels are a thing of the past. He’s providing for their children’s schooling. He and others share development funds within their savings group. Robert’s hard work and personal growth, based on esteeming himself according to God’s Word, make him a model for his community.
Finally, Robert has developed in his relationship with God. He’s now leading Bible studies and discipling others in seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Scripture--part of his becoming better in all areas of life. 

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