An Integrated Life

Nathan Kutosi passed away one year ago but he also passed along a rich heritage. He was a disciple who seamlessly integrated his faith and life.
As a middle-aged chief when Discipling for Development first came to Uganda, Nathan was a learner. He applied biblical principles in caring for his family and community.
In 1988 Nathan had a house and one cow. His family used a liter of milk per day and he sold another liter. With his milk money, Nathan bought ten turkeys, eventually growing his flock to thirty, enough to buy a bicycle. First the bicycle, then later a motorcycle, made Nathan income as “taxis.” That income helped Nathan buy some land and shops which he could rent.
A few years before his death Nathan said, “I am now 72 years old and these funds are helping to provide for my family as I grow older. I am now preaching the Word of God in churches, helping people to live a holistic life.”

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